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Ms Rachel Simmonds

Head Teacher

I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to West Blatchington Primary and Nursery School
We have a dedicated team of staff who are fully committed to providing all pupils with a fulfilling and high quality education, we aim to develop:


Lifelong Learning: Our vibrant curriculum gives all pupils the opportunity to develop their personal skills. Children at West Blatchington are taught to become Resilient, Resourceful and Reflective learners who can Relate effectively with others.

The Individual Child: Every child is treated as an individual and we personalise their learning experiences in order that they make the best possible progress. We want them to grow to be tolerant, respectful and well rounded individuals who are equipped for 21st century society.

Emotional Well-being: All staff and parents work together with pupils to provide a safe, happy and nurturing environment. Pupils learn well at our school because they feel safe and valued. A culture of mutual respect permeates all that we do.

A Sense of Community: We work closely with our local community of schools and we develop strong partnerships that allow us to provide the very best for all pupils and staff. Within our own community we promote equality and inclusion at all times.

Partnership: Our key partnership is with you as parents; we encourage you to play an active role in your child’s learning and the life of our school. By working closely together we can make a greater difference. Every member of our staff is aware how significant their role is in the education of your child. We are committed to securing the best possible outcomes for each child in order that they leave West Blatchington fully prepared.

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