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Principle Academy Vision

The Pioneer Academy promotes and achieves excellence. It recognises the importance of outstanding teaching and learning by actively encouraging creativity and innovation, whilst having consistent standards of behaviour and attendance. Treating everyone as equal, whilst celebrating diversity, is a non-negotiable; protecting all through safeguarding, health and safety and welfare is paramount. 

Where learning is effective, pupils are motivated to:

  • Take an active role in their learning through encouragement and support from effective home/school partnerships.
  • Foster a resilient approach in their learning where they are motivated to learn and improve
  • Enjoy lessons and eagerly challenge themselves
  • Take pride in their learning

At The Pioneer Academy, all staff adopt a commitment to embed the DR-ICE within their teaching, ensuring best outcomes for all learners.

The Pioneer Academy Teaching Model

The Teaching Model is a useful tool for planning purposes for delivering teaching and learning that is at least good. When referring to this policy it is important to remember that when adopting the Teaching Model as a template for structuring lessons does not hinder:

  • Spontaneity
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Individuality

At Belvedere Infant School we believe that children learn best in an environment that:

  • Makes them feel valued by celebrating their learning within classrooms and school (see display policy)
  • Has visual prompts that are meaningful and support pupils in accessing their learning independently
  • Is well organised and clearly labelled so that resources are accessible and foster independence
  • Is extended by outdoor learning and outings to new and varied environments
  • Has rules and routines and expectations that are clearly established
  • Gives opportunities for children to be involved in classroom responsibilities
  • Provides interactive, questioning displays which challenge children’s thinking
  • Keeps to Health & Safety guidelines
  • Models positive and respectful relationships between pupils, teachers and parents
  • Has open and welcoming classrooms, providing opportunities for parents to contribute positively to the school community

Non-Negotiables for Classroom Environments at The Pioneer Academy

Every classroom within The Pioneer Academy must have the following to support teaching and learning, and encourage SMSC:

  • Class vision
  • The Pioneer Mantra
  • Personal Goals display
  • Behaviour Triangles and school rules
  • Interactive displays with children’s work
  • Diversity display
  • Vocabulary for English, Maths, Science and IPC
  • Phonics/Spelling display, including Grammar Gorilla
  • Story Mountain
  • Book corner
  • Worry Box
  • Class timetable and class groups
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