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Travel Plan

West Blatchington Primary & Nursery School is situated in Hangleton Way, Hove with the South Downs to the north and the residential area of Hangleton to the south. The majority of pupils live within 1 mile of the school, although there are some pupils who travel from other areas across the city.   

The school has two covered bike and scooter storage areas that store approximately 20 bicycles and 15 scooters, but as the school is situated at the top of a very steep hill only a handful of staff and pupils choose this mode of transport.  There is also a covered buggy park for families to use, which supports them with walking to school.

Walking to school

We encourage everyone to walk to school where possible.  If you live a little too far away to walk, please consider parking a 5-10 minutes away and then walking the final section – this is not only helps to keep our roads safer but is good exercise for the family.

Walking zones

Transport Links

Brighton & Hove Buses operate the 5, 5A and 5B services which stop adjacent to the school and are displayed on the route map below.  The 5/5A busses run approximately every 13 minutes and the 5B bus runs approximately every 14 minutes at the start and end of the school day.

A link to the Brighton & Hove Buses timetable can be found at: https://www.buses.co.uk/services


Big Lemon operate the 16 and 66 bus services which both serve the school.  There is a bus that arrives approximately 20 minutes before the start of the school day and one that leaves 20 minutes after the school day finishes.

A link to the Big Lemon timetable can be found at: https://thebiglemon.com/16-1/

bus routes

Portslade Station is the closest railway service and is approximately a 30 minute walk from the school.

Hands Up Travel Survey

The school participate in the annual Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) Hands Up Travel Survey.

hands up survey

Data source: BHCC’s School Travel Team Sustainable Mode of Travel Survey. The 'car' figure includes cars, vans, car sharing and park and stride. *2017-18 figures may have been affected due to snow conditions

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